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Making Sense


Making Sense is an IT consulting and development company specializing in the field of knowledge representation and organization, and more specifically in the modeling and governance of data and metadata from a perspective of interoperability, standardization and reuse. We are involved in all phases of the data life cycle (acquisition, transformation, production, publication, etc.) and in all stages of engineering projects: design, production, support, training.

Areas of expertise

Expertise, consulting and development in metadata and data management are the core business of Making Sense. To qualify the scope more precisely, the following areas can be specifically mentioned:

  • basic data structures and models (tables, trees, graphs), associated standards (XML, RDF);
  • structural metadata models and associated standards (SDMX, SKOS, DDI-CDI);
  • descriptive metadata models (SIMS, DCAT, DQV);
  • data governance, analysis and representation of statistical and data processing processes;
  • process representation (BPMN) or processing specification (VTL) standards;
  • data management architectures for statistics and data science, standards and associated tools (Parquet, Spark, Hive, Flink).

On all these subjects, we will be able to provide tailor-made advice, based on expertise covering all levels of interoperability defined in the European Interoperability Framework (EIF): technical, semantic, organizational and legal. We will also be able to produce high quality software developments, using our excellent knowledge of the open source libraries available, in particular for Java and JavaScript.

On a more technical level, our skills relate in particular to procedures and tools for code management (Git) and agile deployment in a distributed environment (Docker, Kubernetes, Helm).